The Journey

Client: Samsung Global (2021)

The inspiration behind the journey

Every year, around 15 billion batteries are used worldwide – but only 2% of these end up being recycled.
To mitigate this growing environmental issue, Samsung launched the new SolarCell Remote - an eco TV remote that is powered by light. 

A little toy’s monkey dream

We told the story of a battery-operated toy monkey who realises he’s part of the problem. He sets out on a journey to help the environment, making the world a better place. Turns out it’s also a reflection of how we can all take small steps towards a greener future.


Bringing the monkey to life

Working closely with director and puppeteer duo, Adeena Grubb and Andy Biddle, a toy monkey puppet was created.
With an unlimited source of light energy, it journeyed across London - from the living room all the way to the forest.

Design & Prototype
We handmade a miniature felt monkey and added nuanced design details before creating.

Expressions & Movements
Developing a range of 9 expressions for our monkey and practicing its movements in actual locations.

Real World Shoot Instead of building sets, we wanted our toy monkey to live in the real world and interact with its surroundings.

Finally, we removed the puppeteering rods and added a whimsical quality to the film via grading and music composition.

14+ million views in two weeks
Adopted by 13 markets including US, UK & Mexico
Rated Most Innovative Ad on Adforum (Sep 2021)

Role Art Lead

Partner/Writer Audrey Chia
CD Omar Sotomayor

Directors Adeena Grubb, Andy Biddle 
Production Blinkink

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