Lily Zero, Made for the Future

Launching Mulberry’s first substainable bag, Lily Zero.

Luxury fashion brand Mulberry wanted to introduce a line of sustainble bags crafted out of carbon neutral leather. We branded it — Zero, to represent the leather’s zero impact on the environment.

To launch the first of its series, the Lily Zero, we created a universe that borrows its futuristic aesthetic from the landscapes of the Metaverse. The bag lives in harmony with the world as a metaphor for its strong commitment to the environment.

We watch as an once sterile environment turn into a wondrous natural paradise where our bags live in harmiously. Vertical gardens grow, floral caves transform and the landscape continuously evolves on a pixelated canvas, building towards a future-nature world.

Out-of-home Ads
The visuals were further adapted to prints,
which ran globally across UK, South Korea and China.
Teaser Films
Days leading up to the launch,
short teasers were posted on Mulberry’s social media platform to intrigue users.
AR Filters
The visual world we created were turned into IG filters,
turning every physical space into virtual stores and try-on rooms.