Tiger Crystal, Brewed for Your Fire

The hotter your fire,
the more refreshing Tiger Crystal tastes.

A mixed media fever dream
 A giant Yeti, crazy eskimos and a gate-crashing skier. We tell the story of a girl who although is apprehensive at first, quickly finds herself on the dancefloor busting moves and getting “on fire”.

To visualise how this feels, we created an entertaining film and key visuals inspired by the world of the internet – memes, gifs, and tiktoks of Gen Zs.

We refreshed the stereotypical and conventional visual cues of beer advertising (aka swirling golden liquid) with tons of mixed-media techniques. My top three favourite snippets of the film: 1. the farting pimiento, 2. ugly beautiful eskimos and 3. beer foam inception. This was a real fun one we made!

Shots Award Gold / CCA Silver