To the 5G future

Client: Singtel (2020)
Film, Print

Combining the Next with the Now

5G heralds a new age of technological breakthrough, enabling innovations like holographic calls, remote surgery and life-saving drones.
As Singtel’s largest campaign of 2020, we want to excite people about the future and its limitless possibilities.

With 5G, the everyday world becomes your playground.

We needed a film that’s futuristic and forward-thinking, while keeping it realistic and relevant to Singapore.
A visual narrative that combines the present and the future to tell the story of a nation that has unlocked the power of 5G.


Behind Singtel’s first futuristic CGI film

We shot the film remotely across three countries and embarked on our journey to the future.

The previs served as a blueprint detailing specific set designs, shots, framing and composition for each frame.
Set Builds
We created 4 sets (space, classroom, fire station & hospital) that merged the worlds of physical and CG seamlessly.
UI Language
Graphic language was key in this film. We had to reflect the cutting-edge technology of 5G, while also keeping it realistic.
VFX & Post Production
With the right lighting and composition, we integrated characters into their environments naturally, creating a film of the future.

Translating to print

With the creative execution of the film, we adapted it to prints that were placed at prominent 5G-enabled areas across Singapore.

Role Art Director, Designer

Partner/Writer Audrey Chia
CD Janson Choo, Khairul Mondzi

Director Andre Juradowitch
Production Heckler

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