Client: IKEA Singapore
Product & Packaging Design, Illustration

To celebrate 40 years of being the coolest furniture brand in Singapore, IKEA did something nostalgic, yet fun.

We immortalise the IKEA furniture (and well-loved meatballs and FRAKTA bag) through the creation of 18 limited edition, commemorative enamel pins. All in celebration of the brand's timeless nature.

18 ways to wear your furniture

Each accompanied with a quirky line and a packaging inspired by the room sets in the IKEA store. The pins were given out as a limited edition promotional item during IKEA’s 40th anniversary week and was well received, creating buzz on social media.

If you’d still like to get your hands on some, try Carousell 😉

From the drawing board

The process started from the logo design...

To trial and error illustrations and packaging...

To creating uniquely designed backgrounds that fit each pin...

And finally coming down to the nitty gritty details for production...