Nike Hyper Court

The street court of the future.

The passion for basketball in Manila is unlike any other city in the world. But the access to proper basketball training is only reserved for the elite players.

To help the next generation of ballers up their game, we created a new basketball training platform, Nike Hyper Court. We turned iconic street courts around the city into personalised coaches using data and design.

Step into any Hyper Court and pick a player who you want to play like. Get access to a bank of more than over 75 training drills, track your progress and unlock exclusive content all through the app. Best of all, you can stream it all from a local google server without burning your own data.

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A new visual identity system.
An app built from the ground up.

Taking inspiration from video games and comics, we turned each piece of content into entertainment and brought the fun back into doing drills.

D&AD Wood Pencil / TheFWA PoTD / CCA 4x Grand Prix / Spikes 3x